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Awotunde Judyie
Ella Al-Bilali 

Theatre Artist   ~    Author  ~   Educator

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Her Majesty_pattern.png
Her Majesty_pattern.png

photo credit: JME

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About Me

Once upon a time/in a Time that is Now/She came to Earth

in the beginning/so there could be a Beginning

She forgot who she was and/in her forgetting/Time began

this is the story of how she remembered

this is the story of the end of Time

She wanted to find her Great Love and/what she had to learn is

She is Her Great Love

it is the happiest of endings/that never ends…

- Epilogue, For the Feeling: Love & Transformation from New York to Cape Town

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My Work

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Brown Paper Studio

Brown Paper Studio is an Applied Theater methodology developed in post-apartheid South Africa as a way to express young people’s vision for their country.

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Between Tattoos:
A Biomythography on Three Acts

A New Book.


The Rights of Spring

This festival, coming after a hard year of massive social upheaval, serves as a collective statement from a culture that’s redefining what’s important.

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Photo Credit: Regine Romain

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