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                                                                              I come from the future.

left my family in the stars with the promise to return victorious. They miss me. They are proud of me now that the real quarantine is over, the quarantine of Earth and Her people. My journey began before memory and somehow, in spite of it all, I kept the faith. ‘Somehow’ means the Absolute Authority of Love.

                                        I come from the future.

from a world that is utopian. It is how I knew I was born into “the old days” and would live to welcome the New. The Now Days. To have been crazy and outside and misunderstood and labeled a Pollyanna and a dreamer. I am Home. On Earth. Finally.

                                                                               I come from the future.

in search of myself I hauled my body to workshops and talks and retreats and read books and channelings and practiced meditations and mantras and more books and did diets and did drugs and used fasts and healing modalities and walks and rituals and sacrifices and crystals and bells and chanting and prayers and prayers and prayers and got close to death and chose life.

                                                            I come from the future.

on a timeline that I share with you of peace, prosperity, joy, abundance, of love and light. A timeline where we are healed and whole in these magnificent bodies. In our luminous, fleshy spaceships - our communication system with the Divine.

                                         I come from the future.

many long to fly among the stars. I am satisfied to stay Home for this big cosmic family reunion. To walk anywhere anytime, day and night in this exquisite Black female body safe and honored and revered. To literally Laugh Out Loud.


we gonna party on up out of this 

these words echo in my bones since 1981, profound science dropped by my soul brother and soul friend, James ‘Jimmy’ Dokes. An extraordinary man - painter, astrologer, activist, entrepreneur, scholar. A seer. Confined to a wheelchair due to rheumatoid arthritis he managed to stand as tall in spirit as anyone I have ever known.


we going to party on up out of this

‘on up out’ is stone Black vernacular rhythm

what is ‘this’?

‘this’ is the Big Lie that human beings are cursed. Destined to play Wheel of Fortune and always lose. The lie that we are unworthy, that we could ever truly be separated from our Divinity.

‘this’ is the torture of Earth into a prison planet. The falsehood of original sin. All the suffering we have endured. Not only Black people. All People.

Jimmy foretold we are going to party on up out of degradation and despite appearances to the contrary, we are in the midst of the celebration. Claim the victory in song, dance, food, music, art, fashion, nature, stories, festival. Make theater. Make Love.

Joy is the way on up

is the call for now, to claim victory

we made it through the dark times. Focus on the vision while maintaining presence in the Now. Breathe. Trust. Know we can do this.

creativity is about building relationships and relationships are the key to discovering the new systems. We have already exited the old world. The death paradigm. The slavery encodings are gone, our cells are free. We are the new cells of the new world.

we gonna party on up out of this

I knew his words were a map, a signpost, a mantra, a way through since I heard them over 40 years ago

Party on up out every day.

Appreciate every day.

The angels proclaim, “Fear not!”

We are the angels.

It. Is. Done.

Sing Hallelujah

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